web for contests

Web pages are to a contest what a codex is to a lawyer. It is the place where all information about a contes is gathered, from rules to the current results. They can also turn into a low cost permanent communication channel if they have a well thought out structure and comprehensible (impactful) content.

What we can do for you

We offer a complex service during the creation:

  • we will design a functional structure and prepare comprehensible and rich texts
  • we will ensure regular and practically instantaneous updates
  • we will help you set up a functional contest mechanism
  • we will prepare the databse of contestants
  • we will assign entry passwords for the contestants
  • we will secure regular mailing (information delivery to the e-mails of contestants)
  • we will process the results and publish them right away
  • we will offer and develop support applications to retain the attention of contestants
  • we will periodically process and evaluate traffic statistics and the behaviour of the contestants on the website

contests for web

If you want to please your clients and ensure their active interest, set up a contest for them right on the web. You have a number of forms to pick from so it is easy to tailor them to your target audience and your capabilities. Flash games are exceptionally attractive, but their creation is demanding. A good value for money is often offered by knowledge competitions, quizes, photo contests etc. Questionnaires are quite popular and useful - depending on the scope, they can be a nice variegation of your website or a good source of information for a professional market research.

We can take care of not only the technical and graphical part of your contests, but we are also ready to create the content.

Competitive formats

We will gladly offer advice on which of the formats will best meet your marketing goals. We base our experience on handling contests for a number of notable companies.

  • quizes
  • knowledge contests
  • photo contests
  • questionnaires

If you are thinking contest, remember us. We will save you a lot of work.