management of your web

If you are taking your internet presentation seriously it is important to offer not only information rich, but up-to-date content too. You can edit your content with the help of a content management system. If you want to drop all the worries about updated content, you can send the information to us and we will update the web for you.

HAND-MADE content management system


You can update your web pages as easy as writing a letter in Word.

In an environment with ever changing data, we present you with the opportunity to update your content with our content management system. You can update your catalogue of services, product or information easily from your computer through a secure web interface.

why hand-made?

If you were looking for a content management system, you will mostly encounter differently priced systems with variable user comfort, but mostly finished and closed systems on which the web page lives. Our CMS is a complement of the www pages, not their backbone. Only after finalizing the web page according to your wishes, we compose the CMS out of the necessary modules and configure it.


full web management, changes and updates

If you want to leave all your worries with your website behind, we can assume the responsibility. In that case, we will update the content based on the information you provide with regards to a cost limit you set.