web page development

We offer web page development with modern design, top tier technical execution and solid optimization for internet search engines.

Of course we emphasize the compliance with widespread web standards (W3C) for HTML and XHTML web documents with the support of all internet browsers.

The offer and sale of services through Internet is an important step towards success in the modern markets. Therefore Honeypot is offering a complex online solution for you, tailored right to the needs of your business. A web portal, e-shop or a dynamic catalogue are only examples of elements that enable your clients to access your portfolio much quicker. We will gladly offer more information in a personal meeting.

special offer for small and medium business

Pay attention to this paragraph.

Starting at 1250 USD we will create a simple web including the first annual payment for hosting.

Even so (or just because) we are working with companies such as Eurocard-Mastercard or Coca-Cola, we are ready to deliver quality work fast and for affordable price even on projects of much lower scale (not demands).

HAND-MADE content management system


If you are taking your internet presentation seriously, it is advantageous to offer not only information rich but also up-to-date content. A content management system to manage your web will let you do just that.

More information about our CMS HAND-MADE can be found in the www management section

search engine optimization - SEO

The internet fulltext search engines are one of the most important as well as cost efficient resources leading the clients to your website.
We are offering our experience with optimizing websites for search engines.
By consistently following a set of proven practices, it is possible to substantially strenghten the position of your presentation in the search results by keywords. It is important to continually track and analyze the traffic statistics of these keywords and eventually strengthen onPage factors leading the users to your website.
Besides that, it is important to note, that:

  • A quality text content of a website is the basic key to success.
  • Using standard components makes the access easy not only for users, but for search engines as well (e.g. flash animations are not indexed at all).
  • A well structured text ensures the priority is given to important information.
  • Images never carry text information.
  • Accurate titles for pages clearly signal the content of your website to the search engines.

copywriting - writing text for www pages

If you are not sure how to structure the text content for your website and which information to emphasize, you can leave it to us. We will create a complete working website including the content.