• Are you demanding?
  • Do you want to have a server just for yourself?

We offer the placement, installation and management of your own server.
If you require highly reliable web presentation or system you should consider serverhousing. It is the rental of a whole dedicated server on the fastest internet backbones.

Why serverhousing?

  • We can rent our own servers which lowers costs considerably
  • High security and guaranteed reliability
  • Other clients do not decrease the server performance
  • Our technicians can manage your server under ideal conditions
  • An exceptional ratio of stability, quality, security and price.

What exactly do se offer?

  • server placement free
  • OS installation free
  • easy physical access to the server
  • the option of placing your own server rental of our own hardware
  • technical supervision 24 hours a day
  • non-stop technical hotline
  • installation of the Linux OS (Redhat, Gentoo or Mandrake)
  • basic configuration of the OS and system applications

We place our servers in a number of housing centres in Prague.
On all the locations, the servers are placed in top notch halls backed up by UPS, diesel units, nonstop physical security etc. Contact us for further details.


For the rental version the option included in the price is as follows: Intel Pentium III, 256MB RAM, 20GB HDD.

 Your own serverRented server
Starting fee 0 EUR0 EUR
Monthly fee 100 EUR180 EUR
Connectivity - Czech Republic100 Mbps
Connectivity - world100 Mbps
Data traffic limit110 GB
Power failure backupUPS, backup diesel units