computer network management.

This service is aimed at clients from small and middle-sized businesses for which it is not efficient to employ their own technician responsible for the management of the computer network or technology related tasks.
Network management includes above others the following services

  • Software installation
  • Software recommendations or purchase
  • Hardware recommendations or purchase, including peripherals
  • Making hardware and peripherals operational
  • Software and hardware upgrades
  • Regular functionality checks
  • Installation and management of the computer network
  • Recommending or securing an Internet connection
  • WiFi hotspot installation


We offer two types of payment plans

Hourly rate

The client receives a bill every month (or in other stipulated interval) based on the confirmed number of hours which our technician spent with service or consultation. Every started hour counts as a whole hour.

Monthly rate:0 EUR
Price per hour:16 EUR
On-site surcharge:8 EUR (for every arrival of our technician)


Finančně výhodné

The client receives 10 hours of service for lower rate each month. Unused hours expire and do not transition to the next month. Hours worked above the limit are billed in full.

Monthly payment:80 EUR (10 hours)
Price per hour:16 EUR (hours over limit)
On-site surcharge:8 EUR (for every arrival of our technician)